Our capped or needle punched landscaping fabric is a specially designed fuzzy landscaping fabric for commercial landscaping applications. This is a two-layer ground cover made by mechanically (needle punching) bonding fiber on a woven polypropylene ground cover fabric. This fabric blends the versatility & durability of a woven ground cover with the added advantage of soil moisture preservation and erosion. This fabric is available in the range of 4.1 oz to 6.0 oz per square yard or can be made per customized requirements.

Features & functionality:

  • This landscaping fabric gives excellent strength and durability at the same time it is designed to resist rotting and degradation
  • Black color prevents light penetration which prevents the unwanted weed growth & helps soil stabilization
  • The fabric is UV stabilized and can lasts years in open sun
  • Needle punching makes the fabric more porous which allows the water, air and nutrients to seep through which helps the soil breathe and stay fertile
  • Color marking stripes across the width and length of the fabric helps in alignment of potted plants
  • Ultrasonic sealed edges prevent the fabric from fraying


  • Professional landscaping
  • Weed control
  • Under rocks as a separation fabric
  • Under mulch
  • Under soil

Available Sizes:

  • 3 ft X 250 ft
  • 4 ft X 250 ft
  • 6 ft x 250 ft
  • 10 ft X 250 ft
  • 12 ft X 250 ft

Technical Specification Sheet For Ground Cover