We offer retail flat packs and rolls which can be sold in  garden centers and retails chain stores. These comes in different dimension and sizes. We can pack these rolls and packs in display box which can be directly placed in these locations.


Flat packs: Ground cover is folded and packed in the clear poly bag with colored insert label and packed in plain box or display box as per your requirements.


Available Sizes: 1,0x5m – 5m2; 1,6x5m – 8m2; 2,0x5m – 10m2

We can also make flat packs per your specific requirements


Retail Rolls: The rolls are packed on 1” or 2.5 cms paper tube and shrink wrapped with a color label insert.

Available Sizes:

  • 25m length of rolls – 100 rolls per pallet
  • 20m length of rolls – 121 rolls per pallet
  • 15m length of rolls – 169 rolls per pallet

Pallet dimensions: Width 1,20m / height 1,20m / length = roll width + 0,1m

Available colours: Black (standard), green, brown and white.

We can make the retail packs as per your design and brand with coloured insert and Shrink Wrap.
Technical Specification Sheet For Ground Cover